Greg Bliss

Practice Leader – Pharmaceuticals

Greg Bliss, Practice Leader - PharmaceuticalsGreg Bliss is an experienced coach with expertise in supporting New Leaders in their transitions. He combines the use of a high-impact coaching methodology and specialized OnBoarding tools – such as Culture Snapshot and LevelSet: Early Feedback – to help New Leaders fully understand the operation they are leading. With this knowledge, Greg and the New Leader target key business practices and relationships to cultivate, and deliver a measurable impact while still honoring the organization's history and existing practices.

Greg Bliss is a seasoned consultant with professional training in both leadership development and organizational culture. With 25 years of experience, he partners with New Leaders in vision creation and clarification, and provides leaders with tools to engage their organization in attaining goals in a meaningful, interactive way. Greg specializes in bringing clarity and alignment around a leader's role and objectives, and supports them in developing a culture of innovation and high performance throughout all tiers of the organization. With his continued guidance, New Leaders are equipped to mentor their team, model desired behaviors and outcomes, drive purposeful actions within their teams, and inspire individuals to execute strategies at a grassroots level.

Greg obtained his MA in Advertising Management from Michigan State University, and is certified in a number of assessment tools and consulting methodologies. In his 10 years as a leadership coach, Greg has worked with a broad spectrum of companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations. He also has 10 years of corporate experience in marketing and communications, and is a frequent guest instructor at the School of New Learning at DePaul University.