LevelSet: Early Feedback

How do New Leaders know if they're being effective? What is the early "word on the street" about them in the organization?

Is anyone giving those New Leaders feedback – either positive or negative? How about those who are making internal moves?  

In many companies, most of the answers to the questions above are "No."


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This awareness gap can be a major contributor to New Leader derailment. Without feedback most New Leaders will continue to behave in ways they always have, oblivious to the consequences of their actions. And previous success can lead to current failure.

With accurate and early feedback, derailment can be avoided, and effectiveness accelerated. New Leaders need to understand their impact – and whether or not important others think they're "getting it." They need to become, and stay, aligned with their team and colleagues. A structured approach to New Leader feedback not only closes gaps, but also changes outcomes.

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