I’m an External Consultant

Most organizations recognize the power of onboarding, and engage in internally-led orientation and other related processes (typically focused on up to the first month in role). Importantly, that does not mean that they support integrated, systemic onboarding. And it is the role of the External Consultant to help organizations understand that distinction, and put resources in place that will deliver New Leader success.

Leader OnBoarding (LOB) has recently expanded our focus to make proven onboarding tools and methodologies available to expert external practitioners. Partnering with LOB allows you to:

  • Strengthen your credibility with proven credentials.
  • Gain access to LOB's tools, methodology, and practitioner network.
  • Capably demonstrate the value of onboarding to your clients.
  • Deliver high-impact onboarding interventions.
  • Stay aware of onboarding trends and best practices.
  • Receive workshop and product upgrade announcements.