About Us

The great news for External Consultants is that the importance of leader onboarding has become more widely recognized. This provides opportunity for practice extension and differentiation, and increased revenue. Our goal is to help you help your clients extract the full value inherent in leader onboarding, while simultaneously building your business.

Since 1996, Leader OnBoarding (LOB) has specialized in working with Fortune 1000 companies to build tight alignment and jump-start the impact of Newly-placed Leaders. LOB is a management consulting firm that combines years of experience in leadership selection assessment, transition, performance, development and retention. Over *90% of our onboarding coaching clients remain in their role for at least 18 months post-hire.

Our proven approach allows you to support New Leader onboarding as an External Consultant. You will be able to align New Leaders with organizational priorities and strategic direction – blending the art and science of leader transition.

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*As opposed to a typical retention rate of 64% in the US.