How We Qualify Coaches in the LOB Approach

Leader OnBoarding Coaching Qualification

In addition to providing expert coaching directly to New Leaders, Leader OnBoarding (LOB) also specializes in building external onboarding coaching capacity.

Because the majority of executive onboarding programs are dependent on generic coaching and orientation to drive the process, it is difficult to deliver consistent onboarding experiences to a wide variety of New Leaders. Although organizations may intuitively know that systemic onboarding is more effective, they may lack the tools to provide effective coaching and manage the onboarding process.

Leader OnBoarding Methodology brings needed structure to a complex and nonlinear transition experience. Knowledge critical to New Leader success becomes readily available. The Leader OnBoarding Methodology tools and resources demystify complex and risky transitions, and position external coaches to align New Leaders for success.

The LOB Coaching Qualification Process is a variant of our proven approach to supporting transitions: