How and Why We Partner

How We Partner

We offer two kinds of partnership with executive coaches:

  • Working with existing External Consultants in organizations which have already adopted Leader OnBoarding's (LOB) systemic leader onboarding approach.
  • Building capability of qualified coaches and firms who desire to expand their practice area.

Leader OnBoarding offers a suite of tools and processes, as well as deep expertise, to provide a turn-key onboarding solution to senior coaches and consultants.

Why We Partner

Because we are highly focused in our niche. Fortune 1000 corporations are LOB's primary targets for onboarding consulting. It's clear that in many other organizations there is a need for External Consultants who support top-level executives in onboarding transitions.

Some reasons for these opportunities include:

  • Pre-existing, and often long-time, coaching relationships.
  • High-risk New Leader roles, such as turnarounds, where extra support may be needed.
  • A strict need for confidential partnership during the transition.
  • Organizations not large enough to adopt systemic onboarding processes.
  • HR partners who lack time to appropriately support New Leaders.
  • HR partners who lack ability or credibility to play at the top levels.

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