Juliett Bohanna

Senior Coach & Consultant

Juliett has been intrigued by nurturing brilliance in leaders, teams, and organizations for 20 years. Her ethos is that of continuous improvement and adaption, endlessly stretching and expanding her knowledge and practice to work in partnership with leaders to achieve their aspirations.

She continues to dedicate herself to coaching and consulting on Culture, Leadership, and Strategic alignment. Occupying Global Programme Director positions that specialize in business leadership and strategy prior to turning to independent practice in 2018.

To date, Juliett has directly supported and developed hundreds of leaders and teams as they find their way to creating themselves as proficient business leaders and value-creating teams.

Leading and contributing to transformation programs in a global context, Juliett is an experienced facilitator, Master Executive, and Systemic Team Coach. She holds Master of Arts and Professional Coach certifications – among many other psychrometric and diagnostic accreditations. She’s designed and delivered executive solutions up to C-suite and Level 8 (doctorate) achieving awards for her impact in this area.

Able to adapt commercially working with multinational organizations and teams covering professional services, financial services, biotech, pharmaceutical, higher education, healthcare, IT, retail, travel and aviation.