Success Mode vs. Failure Mode

Your organization's success hinges on the alignment of your people with your business goals. Survival depends on the congruity of its vision, mission, values, leaders, employees, culture and strategies.

  • Are your Leaders aligned?
  • Have you hired New Leaders who are slow to learn and slow to act?
  • Or do they over-react and make expensive or disruptive errors?
  • Are your New Leaders not making the relevant, effective decisions that you hired them to make?

There is a lot of advice available for Newly-placed Leaders in the popular media – some of it is helpful, some of it not so much. Extensive research and client experience suggest a unique pattern of behavior that can lead to success or failure.

Saying, “How do we do things around here?” vs.Saying, “How do you do things around here?"
Searching and learning about internal practices. vs.Quickly bringing in best practices from previous employer/role.
Using first meeting with colleagues to form and build strong relationships. vs.Attending superficial “meet-and-greet” while failing to see the importance of relationships.
Sizing up talent of the team with due diligence and patience. vs.Using a “cleaning house” method without assessing existing talent.

Studies indicate that unassissted up to 64% of New Leaders will eventually fail in their roles. Some are blocked by organizational cultural barriers, and others struggle with building their teams to reach peak performance goals.