Leader OnBoarding Coach Qualification

Build Your Own OnBoarding Coaching Capacity

In addition to providing expert coaching directly to New Leaders, Leader OnBoarding (LOB) also specializes in building OnBoarding coaching capacity for Internal and External Consultants.

It's difficult to deliver consistent onboarding experiences to a variety of New Leaders. And though organizations intuitively know that systemic onboarding is more effective, they lack the tools to provide process management and effective coaching. LOB's solution is specifically designed to help both Internal and External Consultants drive effective onboarding for New Leaders.

Bring the Power of LOB's Tools and Services Into Your Organization

Leader OnBoarding's Coaching Methodology brings structure to a complex and nonlinear transition experience. Knowledge critical to New Leader success becomes readily available. LOB's tools and resources position coaches for high impact, allowing rapid ramp up and alignment of New Leaders.

The LOB Coaching Qualification Process is a variant of our proven approach to supporting transitions:

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