Leader OnBoarding Coaching

Are you new to your role? Or making a critically important hire?

Accelerate success and mitigate transition risk with our expert coaches.

New Leader derailment is costly and painful. Even hiring the perfect candidate brings no guarantee of "fit." Often, companies fail to make New Leaders successful and don't understand why. Job complexity and performance expectations only raise the stakes. New Leaders intent on delivering early results walk a fine line between motivating, and failing to engage, the followership of important others. 

Using Leader OnBoarding’s (LOB) proprietary approach speeds New Leader transitions and actively mitigates associated risk. Working with a LOB Coach, New Leaders and their organizations receive:

  • A partner with a unique philosophy and deep expertise – (LOB) has helped define the onboarding space for over 15 years.
  • A structured and effective onboarding experience, drawing on LOB's proven tools and approach.
  • Peace of mind – we give New Leaders the tools to "get" the culture, maintain role clarity, build important relationships, navigate effectively, lead their team, and deliver to expectations.
  • Customized solutions that demystify complex onboarding, and position New Leaders for alignment and success.

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