Team Alignment Process

New teams are expected to preform with impact and speed. And it's not as easy as it sounds. 

A New Leader's effectiveness hinges on their team. During a transition the team is likely to face uncertainty and ambiguity. 

In our experience, intervention is often required to drive full team alignment and effectiveness. We developed the Team Alignment Process (TAP) to achieve just that.

The TAP offers deeper insight into:

  • The broader context in which the team must perform.
  • Others' expectations of the New Leader and team. 
  • What's required to deliver on accountabilities. 
  • How to create and maintain role clarity for the New Leader and team. 
  • Alignment of people and resources to drive needed success.
  • Problem solving around barriers to performance.

If you think you, your New Leader, or your New Leader's team could benefit from the TAP, contact us.