Establishing Credibility

The Credibility Trap          

Popular onboarding literature urges you, as a New Leader, to make your mark quickly, with impact, and gain credibility by generating immediate results. On the face of it, this approach resonates with many who are in the onboarding process. You want your employer to see you as an asset, and you're eager to demonstrate your value. However, this focus on high-impact performance and early wins may put you in a bind – trapping you in an ineffective pattern of behavior.

Credibility-5If you take a narrow focus on “proving yourself” through accomplishments and outcomes, it is likely at the expense of your relationships and long-term effectiveness. Then again, if you are overly cautious or wait too long to take action, you risk being seen as unproductive, or "not getting it."

In other words, it’s important to get it “just right.” And we can help.

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