Culture Snapshot

Helping your newly-hired team member size up their operation and align expectations.

One of the most important tasks for your New Leader is to size up their organization, and identify operational strengths and weaknesses. This can take months, and be fraught with bias and error.

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  • Dramatically speeds comprehensive understanding, and positions the New Leader and operation to successfully tackle complex challenges.
  • New Leader decisions are faster, more thorough and more effective.
  • Needed changes are identified and implemented more strategically.
  • Opportunities are seized, and mistakes averted.
  • The New Leader delivers rapid, and higher, return on the company's investment.

Culture Snapshot is a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of the Denison Organizational Culture Survey, applied within the context of leader transition. Snapshot has been developed in partnership with Denison Consulting, global experts in culture and leadership. Using Snapshot, a New Leader works with a skilled facilitator to understand their current performance climate within days of starting the new role, and gains input from a broad group of key stakeholders. The New Leader's assumptions and opinions are set aside, and decisions are made based upon data.