Our Philosophy

Our team delivers OnBoarding tools and processes to you, the Hiring Manager, that have immediate positive impact and staying power. We achieve both by integrating fundamental philosophies into each collaboration.

  • OnBoarding is systemic – the organization owns and promotes New Leader alignment.
  • OnBoarding is internal and external – we provide the tools and training to Internal Consultants who manage OnBoarding for key hires, as well as External Consultants.
  • OnBoarding is based on best practices – an ever-expanding knowledge base proven to drive results.
  • OnBoarding is interdependent – and hinges on the active partnership of three critical internal stakeholders: the New Leader, Hiring Manager, and HR Partner/Internal Coach.
  • OnBoarding tools and methodology work together to drive New Leader success.
  • OnBoarding improves outcomes for New Leaders and their organizations – results that can be difficult to quantify. We can help you do that.

If our philosophy matches your onboarding needs, contact us