Mind the Gap

The Importance of Aligning Expectations and Resources

In our client experience, there is always a gap between the New Leader’s expected and actual role and accountabilities. This happens for many reasons, with many impacts.

  A Sampling of Potential Gaps
in New Leader Alignment

Gap In Expectations New Leader's Response
Failure to signal role changes to key stakeholders inside and outside the organization.New Leader receiving unrealistic demands from key stakeholders – confusion and disappointment ensues.
Role lacks resources required for New Leader success (headcount, team talent, R&D, budgets).New Leader starts role already at a disadvantage, must either muster resources, accept mediocrity or jump ship.
Company hasn't worked through implications of changes in the marketplace.New Leader's goals are impossibly high, or focus on the wrong thing – frustration ensues.
Company really wanted to entice a top-drawer candidate, and painted an overly-optimistic picture of the role. It doesn't take long for the New Leader to recognize a "bait and switch" – a sense of betrayal ensues.

Leader OnBoarding’s powerful tools and services help surface those gaps earlier, and in a way that fosters alignment and high performance.

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