Brief Overview of Qualification

The Leader OnBoarding Coach Qualification Process

We build your capacity to coach leaders in transition by providing processes, tools, and other resources. You are encouraged to understand the breadth of options available to you, and select those appropriate to each unique coaching engagement.

Two levels of qualification are available:

  •  Senior Coach/Consultant – for colleagues with significant coaching, consulting or leadership experience, and/or professional training (including, but not limited to, those with clinical or counseling background). We provide you with the resources you need, and offer structured support through two onboarding coaching engagements.
  • Master Coach/Consultant – for colleagues with extensive coaching or consulting experience, senior leadership roles, and/or professional training. We work with you to fully develop your coaching approach, and support you as you train two other coaches in your firm. In addition, you may elect to directly administer and sell LevelSet: Early Feedback and other proprietary tools.

By participating in the Coach Qualification process, you access information and develop experience and judgment in real-time – with the support of a skilled coach with deep OnBoarding experience. We work behind the scenes to foster your organization's onboarding success, delivering OnBoarding Maps, LevelSet: Early Feedback, and other resources in a way that builds your credibility.

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