Leader OnBoarding is a Risk Management Process

How many times have you had concerns about a key hire, only to be told that because they were a great fit, they didn't need onboarding support? And being aware of hidden onboarding risk factors, you walked away with a sinking feeling in your stomach? 

Based on nearly 20 years of client engagements and research, we at Leader OnBoarding (LOB) are convinced that effective New Leader onboarding hinges on the identification and mitigation of the unique risk factors associated with transition. One size definitely does not fit all, and if that approach is taken, the New Leader is likely to be under-served.

LOB has identified at least 17 potential risk factors for Leader transition. Here is a light sampling of risk factors – we are sure you can think of more that apply to your New Leaders.

      A Sampling of Risk Factors

New CompanyNew Industry
Increased Job Scope
New GeographyNew Team


At LOB, by taking a risk management approach we make the distinction between orientation and truly embedding the Leader successfully in their role and context. A customized approach to OnBoarding coaching requires a robust methodology and proven tools that can be combined to address each New Leader's transition risks.

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